How COVID has affected property settlement.

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We will include in this post how COVID has affected property settlement and the focus on the digital property transaction process. Plus, we introduce our team.

COVID and property settlement

How do I sign contracts and all necessary documents remotely during lockdown? At Moustacas & Co we use DocuSign as a way for our clients to sign documents and fill in forms remotely. It enables you to sign documents anywhere from any device, plus it is more secure than paper. What is PEXA? What are the benefits? How has property settlement been affected by COVID? PEXA is a digital platform that facilitates and supports property transactions and settlements. It allows lawyers to lodge documents with the Land Registry and pay settlement funds all online. Three benefits of PEXA: 1. Efficient - settlement funds are transferred digitally making it faster and timely. 2. Safe and secure - PEXA is regulated by the Registrar in each state it is active in. 3. Simple - It is all online, no more paper or in-person attendance.

The biggest effect COVID has had on property settlement has been the shift in focus to digital processes. It has allowed for the almost seamless transition of settling property transactions online. It has allowed for a smooth transaction process, with all documents being lodged and signed in a timely, accurate and safe fashion.

Managing Director and Principal Solicitor of Moustacas & Co Lawyers, Anthony James Moustacas

Meet the team

Anthony Moustacas - Managing Director, Lawyer

Anthony has long had a passion for law, first stemming from his father, James Moustacas, who had run the firm previously.

Anthony focuses on property law and wills and estates. This focus has led him to further study, currently completing a Masters through the College of Law with a double major in property law and wills and estates.

Anna Di Blasi - Legal Secretary

Anna has been with us since the beginning and has a wealth of experience in conveyancing and property law, as well as wills and estates, coming from her 30 plus years of experience in law.

Simone Conyer - Law Clerk

Simone joined our team in July this year and is currently completing a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Security Studies at Macquarie University. Simone is particularly interested in property law and criminal law.

Andrew Bockos - Office & Marketing Coordinator

Andrew joined our team last year and comes from a marketing and sales background. Andrew coordinates our social media efforts as well as day-to-day office administration.

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