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Chattels and Fixtures

What are these? The decision to sell or purchase a property can bring many new terms and phrases. Chattels and fixtures are also known as exclusions and inclusions. A fixture is considered to be any object that is fixed to the property, or land, by any means other than its own weight. When this is not the case, the object is then considered a chattel. A simple way to look at it - Imagine if you tipped your house upside down, anything that falls to the ground is considered a chattel and anything that remains would be a fixture. Contact us today on 02 9387 6866 to speak with us about your upcoming sale or purchase, or to arrange an appointment. If you are thinking of buying or selling, Moustacas & Co Lawyers are here to help!


Intellectual Property

A registered trade mark or other IP right legally protects your brand, name of a product or service and helps customers distinguish your goods and services from competitors. A trade mark can be used to protect a logo, word, phrase, letter, number, colour, sound, scent, picture, movement, detail of packaging or any combination of these. There are some exclusions to what can be trade marked such as particular words, phrases or images. In some instances, there may be special conditions under which they can be protected. Examples of the different kinds of trade marks:

  • Logo - the Nike swoosh or Apple’s bitten apple

  • Word - “Coco-Cola”

  • Phrase - “Just do it”

  • Letter - Meta and Microsoft both own trade marks for the letter “X”

  • Number - “007”

  • Movement - The Toyota star jump is trademarked

  • Scent - Eucalyptus Radiata scented golf tees

  • Sound - Boost Juice have trademarked the sound of the word “Boost”

  • Detail of packing - Coca-Cola have trademarked the shape of their bottles

  • Colour - Cadbury have trademarked their purple packaging colour

A registered trade mark in essence creates a business asset which will grow in value as your business grows. This creates security for your business and the ability to sell or license this business asset. Emmanuel Penglis from our offices can assist with protecting your business’ IP. Contact us today to arrange an appointment or visit our website for more information.


Need help updating or creating a Will?

If your circumstances have changed or you have never created a Will, Anthony can assist in both drafting a new will or updating a current one. Contact us today to arrange an appointment or visit our website for more information.


Contact Us

Please call 02 9387 6866 to speak with our friendly team about any Conveyancing, Wills & Estates or Intellectual Property matters you may have. Alternatively, you can visit our website at for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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