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Updating Your Will

Get to know Anthony

Anthony is the Principal at Moustacas & Co Lawyers.

Why did you decide to become a lawyer?

Originally, I wanted to use my law degree for other career opportunities. I had plans to become a Sports Agent. However, my father needed help with his business 12-13 years ago and I just never left!

Why is a boutique firm better than a larger firm?

Ability to connect directly with the clients. We offer personal service and the clients really appreciate that especially from the feedback they give us. Feels more like a family rather than a big organisation looking after you.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Spending time away with my wife and two children. Trying to play a bit of golf on the side and go for a nice long cycle on the weekends. I like to unwind mentally and just escape before I get back to it on Monday morning!

What are your strengths?

Being available for my clients 24/7. They always know they can get in contact with me if there is a pressing issue.

What do you enjoy most about being a lawyer?

I most enjoy being able to help people. Whether its helping them secure their first home, helping them sell a place to then buy a place or helping them with a court case. Just simply being able to help get a result for them and their family and the joy that brings them.

Updating Your Will

If you own any property, it is essential that you have a Will to ensure your loved ones are prepared if you suddenly pass. It is equally important to ensure that the contents of your Will are up to date so that your assets go where you want them to.

If you would like to make any changes to your Will, you must notify your lawyer so that these changes can be made. If your Will is invalid, it may not go into probate. This can impact to who or where your assets go.

At Moustacas & Co Lawyers, we can assist in preparing or modifying your Will and can keep your Will safe for you. Contact us on 02 9387 6866 to organise an appointment to update your Will.

Buying or Selling?

Whether you are buying or selling, Moustacas & Co Lawyers are here to help.

From contract preparation to signing off on settlement day, Moustacas & Co Lawyers will keep you informed and up to date throughout the whole process of your buying or selling journey.

Get In Touch

Please contact our friendly team on 02 9387 6866 to discuss any of your Conveyancing or Wills & Estates matters.

All appointments are by booking only. If you would like to make an appointment at either our Bondi Junction or Double Bay office, please reach out to us on 02 9387 6866 or

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