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March 2022

New Double Bay Office

Our recent expansion into Double Bay has seen us take a larger space already. We are

now located at Suite 2, 6 Cross Street, Double Bay above Mandalay Flowers.

This new space has allowed us to take on more staff and will allow us to see clients in

Double Bay.

All appointments are by booking only but you are welcome to pop past and meet the

new team. Please contact us on 02 9387 6866 or email or if you wish to make an appointment.


Now that the new year is well underway, don’t forget to contact us to make a Will.

Anyone who owns property should be making a Will so please don’t get caught out and

leave a loved one in the dark if you pass away suddenly.

It is important to prepare a Will to ensure that your assets go where you want. A lawyer

can make sure you have best communicated your wishes and ensure that your Will is

correctly prepared and signed.

If you would like to make any changes to your Will, it is important to inform your lawyer

as an invalid Will may not go into probate. This can impact to who or where your assets


At Moustacas & Co Lawyers, we can assist in preparing a Will and can keep your will

safe for you.

Beware of scammers

With more transactions now being conducted online, there are new types of scams that

can happen to anyone.

Scammers can intercept emails and redirect people to make payments into the wrong

accounts. Scammers can also pretend to be well-known companies to try retrieve

personal details or immediate payments.

Always remember to check an email address before sending any information and

confirm bank details over the phone before making transfers.

Most of you know the team and can easily ensure that our bank details are coming from

us. If in doubt, please ensure you speak with Anthony, Martine or Anna from our offices.

Introducing our newest team members

Rachel Turtledove – Law Clerk

Rachel joined our team in January this year and is currently completing a Bachelor of

Laws at the University of Technology Sydney. She has a particular interest in property

and commercial law as well as criminal law.

Alexis Aaron – Law Clerk

Alexis joined the team in February this year after being admitted as a Solicitor in the

Supreme Court of NSW in December 2021. She has a combined Bachelor Degree in

Law and Journalism from the University of Technology Sydney.

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